Digital Brush Painting
Pavel Melnichuk
Childhood Dream
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"My name is Pavel Melnichuk. Born in 1972. Currently living in Chernivtsi - a large town in the Western Ukraine that is often referred to as 'Little Paris' because of it's multi-faceted architecture and culture history.

"I'm a self-taught artist. Having started with color photography in the world of art imaging, I was inspired by digital technologies that facilitate the fusion of art and science. With that in mind I started processing some of the scans of my photos. The idea turned out to be quite successful and resulted in some group and solo exhibitions in Ukraine and in the UK.

"Digital processing to me is not just a set of tools and techniques allowing an artist more versatile self-expression. Much more. It breaks through the rigid blocks of stereotypes, changes the idea of harmony itself, causes the mysterious transformations to happen somewhere on the edge of our consciousness. It makes us experience living in the 21 century.

"While creating my photobased artworks I was all the time tempted with making images from blank canvas to fully unfold my imagination. So three years ago I started painting using Wacom tablet with digital brushes in Adobe Photoshop. Majority of my later works are digitally painted from scratch, some of them combine paintings with photographed textures.

"What are my paintings about? They are all about me. I am positive, that each artist should reflect himself in every abstraction or still-life he creates. The best way to evaluate the results is to ask oneself looking at the beautiful landscape just from under your brush -'Is it me?' We purposely side step the conventional reality discovering ourselves living another life, other multiple realities within the very same moment. The Nirvana of a creative process leads towards feeling of complete unity with the universe, where new units emerge to measure the time, new dimensions unfold and the notion of death loses its meaning..."