Vlatko Ceric
Evolution 1
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Here is a portfolio by Vlatko Ceric, professor of infomatics at the University of Zagreb in Croatia, of ten algorithmic images on a theme of evolution, each image being a different and perhaps slightly more complex variation of the previous image. He writes, "My work belongs to abstract art, or more specifically to algorithmic art where images are generated using algorithms, i.e. precise procedures coded in some programming language. An algorithm contains rules written in mathematical and computational form that enable the generation of images. I create my own carefully designed software that transforms my ideas into images."

Ceric says he is inspired by Brancusi, Klee, Mondrian, Vasarely and de Stael. But, he writes, "I believe that computer art has to find its own character and form, rather than copying traditional art styles. In my work I am looking for my own style through extensive experimenting with form and manipulation of colours, and for that purpose I use the computer as a powerful tool and a partner in the creative process."

Vlatko Ceric's algorithmic website